Inventory & Vacating a Property

Inventory and Contents:
Before you move in, a full inventory is taken of the property and it’s contents. The Inventory also includes a condition report, which details any signs of wear which exist before you move in. In addition, it details the meter readings at the time the last tenant vacated. You will be asked to sign and return the Inventory within 7 days of the start of your tenancy, with any alterations you think are necessary and the most up-to-date meter readings.

Vacating the Property:
A letter will be sent to you one week before your final leaving date, stating the time and day on which your check-out will take place. During the check-out, the inventory will be checked, along with the condition of the property, and it is after this inspection that any necessary deductions are taken from your deposit (for example missing items, broken items).
Should you decide to vacate the property before your tenancy agreement expires, you will still be held liable for the rent and all bill payments until the end of your term as defined by the contract, or until other suitable tenants are found and have moved in.