If you are yourself a leaseholder you may require the consent from your superior landlord, freeholder or their managing agent before you can sub-let the Premises to an applicant. In giving consent the superior landlord or their managing agent may require you to provide references for your tenant and for you and your tenant to enter into an agreement to observe the covenants contained in your Head Lease. A fee may be charged for granting consent to sub-let. We will need a copy of the Head Lease together with any schedules referred to therein so that we can attach a copy of this to our draft Tenancy Agreement. If the tenant is not given a copy of the relevant section of the Head Lease you cannot impose any obligations contained in it upon the tenant. If you wish us to try to obtain your freeholder’s or superior landlord’s written consent there will be an additional charge. In addition to the fees due to the freeholder or their managing agent. Photocopying costs may be chargeable by us for copying head leases (if required)