Mandatory Licensing

Under the Housing Act 2004 landlords of certain properties were individuals are living as more than one household well need to be licensed by their local authority. If we believe that your property falls into this category we will inform you of this fact and of the alterations that we have been informed by the local authority may be required to allow you to gain a licence for your Premises. If your Premises potentially require a licence you will either need to obtain a license from the relevant Local Authority or we will only be able to let your Premises to a single family group.

The Premises will require a licence if it falls into the following definition. If the Premises are 3 storeys or more and has five or more occupiers who do not form one household and share kitchen or bathroom facilities it is subject to mandatory licensing. It is the responsibility of you the Landlord to apply and pay for the licence, although we shall be pleased to help. We can only offer Premises for let when we are in receipt of a copy of the mandatory licence or a certificate stating that the Landlord has applied for the licence